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Fiamma Bike Rack Model Trigano

Fiamma Bike Rack Camping Car - MODEL TRIGANO

All models dedicated to the Pro series, Pro C and CL, are designed to specific uses allowing to adapt perfectly to the specific vehicle. Have special characteristics in order to meet the special features of certain campers allowing easy installation and secure.

Bike carrier with a fixed structure with a height of 39.5 cm. Is supplied without bracets upper and lower already preinstalled, with a distance between centers of 60 cm, (found only on campers Ci and Roller Team).

• Standard bike: 2 bikes
• Maximum bike: 3 bike
• Rack Weight: 5,2 kg
• Maximum load: 50 kg

€164.00 (TAX incl )
This product was added to our catalog on 13 May 2016

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