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Bike Rack Fiamma Model Caravan Hobby

Fiamma Bike Rack Caravans - MODEL HOBBY

The range of Bike Racks for mounting on the rear walls of the caravan. Bike rack specially designed to be mounted on the rear wall of the caravan. Three models dedicated to satisfy every need and requirement.

Designed to be mounted on the rear walls of the caravan Hobby produced after 2003. The upper hooks enclosed are standard and are positioned under the profile of the rear window. The lower attachment is a central bracket.

• Carrying standard bike: 2 bike
• Carryimg Rate Maximum bike: 3 bike
• Bike Rack Weight: 5,6 kg
• Maximum carryng weight: 50 kg

€185.00 (TAX incl )
This product was added to our catalog on 12 July 2016

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