12V Portable Shower

An interesting addition to our stock of traveling/camping/boating and leisure activities equipment is this 12V Portable Shower which comes complete with the electric pump with adjustable water flow, storage bag, hanging hook and suction cup shower holder and a 12V DC adapter. This unit retails for Eur45 as against our previous shower which retails at Eur29. But there is a very good reason for this which is that this unit can operate with 4 D cell batteries as well as through a vehicle's 12V socket, making it truly mobile since it does not need to use any other power source except for it's own. A really handy thing to have when camping, boating, picnicking, etc. Can also be used on pets. Contact us on 27639145, 79639145 or send email to info@thecampingworld.com. Visit www.thecampingworld.com for more information on other products.

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